Morocco digital paper.


Wrapping gift morocco pattern digital scrapbook paper. Pastel color set can be used for a printable project, wrapping gifts, background for individual invitation, greetings card, scrapbooking or birthday party supplies. The patterns of this set of papers complement each other and combine perfectly with color.

Flower Wreath

Heart Wreath


This is a really easy craft project, and I found all my supplies at the Dollar Tree. It all started with 3 items….and flowers


You can find the wreath, burlap ribbon and the flowers all for $1 each

I started by wrapping the first burlap ribbon all around the heart wreath….enough was in 1 pkg of burlap to make it all around the heart…what luck!! That means I have some for another project!


Then I started wrapping the burlap with pretty white edges around the wreath. I had to use a second pkg of the ribbon for the bow. This is what it is like when finished. To hold the edges down I used hot glue.

DSCN5127 (2)

Now which flowers should I use…hmm


I placed the daisies on the right bottom side. Then added a ribbon.

DSCN5141 (2)

Do you like it??? Wasn’t it easy! Well I did another one….same steps as before….but I…

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